STRIPPED BARE 1540 1167 65mustang

Check out this amazing entry from Grayson Fisher. He’s spent the last 12 years turning this old workhorse into a high horsepower machine built for hauling arse and not hay. The XT Falcon ute might not have show winning paint, well actually, it’s got no paint at all! Stripped back to bare metal and then sprayed in two-pack clear, the car wears all of the original panels that it left the factory with and Grayson purposely left a few of the small dents to show the life this 1968 XT ute has led.

While Grayson may have left the body mostly untouched, there are a host of other modifications that have been done, some obvious, some a bit harder to pick out. The radiator support has been removed so the engine can be changed quickly, but hopefully that won’t happen too often, and the radiator, double batteries, fuel pump, water pump, trans coolers and big thermo fans are all located in the rear tub under a custom alloy cover.

The shell has been strengthened and braced for drag racing with plans for a full ANDRA approved roll cage next. There is also a lot of hidden strengthening and two-pack paint inside and under the car.

The driveline is tough-as-nails, with a supercharged Ford 351 Cleveland up front and a Ford 9-inch out back, but in between is a Powerglide transmission from General Motors, sorry Ford fans, but if you’re making serious power, the small size and high strength of a Powerglide is hard to beat.

One part of the car that Grayson left completely untouched is the interior, which is bone stock and original from the factory in 1968, it even has that old car smell!

If you want to see this amazing piece of machinery, make sure you come down to Claremont Showground, Nov 26-27. Gates open at 9am and close at 5pm both days.