The Fastest Aussie on Earth

Australian Land Speed Record holder Rosco McGlashan is a man in a hurry and he’s at it again. His latest project, Aussie Invader 5R, is nearing completion after a decade of planning and construction with the aim of travelling at over 1000mph, or if you prefer, 1609km/h!


To get there he has created a rocket-powered land missile that measures up at 16m long and weighs over 9000kg when fully fuelled. The engine can create 62,000 pounds of thrust (which can be equated to 200,000hp) and he’ll need every one of them to break the sound barrier (770mph or 1238km/h at sea level) and carry on to crack that magic 1000mph mark.


If he can achieve that goal, he will smash the current world record held by the ThrustSSC team that currently stands at 763.035mph.


You can help Rosco make history and (sort of) go along for the ride by getting a Supersonic Selfie and having it printed on to the car. Go to


To find out more info on this amazing machine, check out the website


You’ll be able to meet Rosco and see that car at the Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular, June 16-17 at Claremont Showground.