Terms and Conditions

Exhibitor’s Information


Early entry: $60. Available until Monday August 1, 2022
Regular entry: $80. Available until entries close Monday October 24, 2022.

Late entry: $100. Applies to all entries received after entries close.
The Exhibitor is required to pay all fees in full before event set up.

Exhibitors agree to permit WAHRP the use of their names and any commercially produced images of their vehicles for publicity, advertising and promotional purposes, including all media sources, before, during and after the event.

All publicity and advertising rights are reserved by WAHRP.


Withdrawals after Monday October 24, 2022 forfeit all moneys paid or payable by the Exhibitor to the Organiser.


Exhibitors’ parking is located on the grassed area north of Gate 1 at the Claremont Showground. Exhibitors’ parking is free.

ASRF. Rules And Guidelines


The provision of Show Stewards, the assignment of judging classes and the adherence to national show rules is the responsibility of the Australian Street Rod Federation (ASRF). Any enquires, issues or complaints regarding these rules and/or judgements should be referred to the ASRF. Judging will commence 9:00 am Saturday. Bonnet, boot and doors must be open if internal judging is required. For an undercarriage to be judged, wheels stands are essential.
Judging fee: $25


All classes are dependent upon sufficient numbers of entries and sections may be expanded or combined according to the entries received. To be eligible for Street Rod or Street Machine classes, a vehicle must be driven a minimum of 50 metres into the show facility, to be witnessed by an Show Steward. Competition Class includes ANDRA and CAMS class vehicles issued with a current log book. All classes will be verified by Show Stewards. No changes will be made to Exhibitors’ classifications once the show opens.


Prestige Awards:
Given entry numbers, awards for Top Street Rod, Top Street Machine, Top Competition and Top Bike will be presented. All prestige awards are of equal value and status. There must be a minimum of ten vehicles judged in each section to attain these awards.
Class Awards:
All classes as determined by the Show Stewards will be presented with place awards.
Contingency Awards:
All Exhibitors are eligible for Engine, Undercarriage, Interior, Standard and Custom Paint awards. (NB: Top Interior not applicable for Competition classes.)
Display Awards:
These awards are presented for Best Club Display, Best Individual Display, Best Displayed Vehicle and Best Show Theme Display.


The trophy presentation will take place on stage in the Robinson pavilion at 3:30pm Sunday.

Show Regulations


The show will be conducted by the Committee of WA Hot Rod Promotions Inc. Any disputes related to the show should be referred to the Show Manager. If a satisfactory solution cannot be achieved, the matter will be referred to the full Committee whose decision is final. The Organiser reserves the right to refuse an Exhibitor application, cancel an Exhibition entry, relocate an Exhibitor’s stand or amend the Exhibition floor plan at any time, in the interests of maximizing the success of the Exhibition.


If the Exhibitor proposes to use promotional models for the distribution of materials during the Exhibition, prior consent of the Organiser is required. Exhibitors will not distribute any printed matter or other forms of advertising except from their own stands. Such material must be authorised by WAHRP prior to distribution from the stand.

An Exhibitor who has registered as an Individual must use the Exhibitor’s space only for the display of vehicles. The vehicle and display material must be contained within the Exhibitor’s space. No company, products, goods or services will be advertised, promoted or sold from the Exhibitor’s allocated space without the prior consent of the Organiser.

Club stands must have a minimum of THREE vehicles and are permitted to distribute club related material from the Exhibit space that has been approved by the Organiser. Group stands must have a minimum of TWO vehicles.

Trade stands may display and distribute advertising material from their stand. Trade display material must be contained within the trade space and not be included in the vehicle display space unless approved by the Organiser. Exhibitors shall not exchange Exhibits or sub-let all or any portion of their allocated Exhibits without prior approval of the Show Manager.

The Exhibitor must not make use of any microphone, sound amplification or musical instrument without the prior consent of the Organiser. The Organiser may require the Exhibitor to remove or stop any display or demonstration which, in the opinion of the Organiser, is creating a disturbance to the Exhibition or is unlawful.

No lottery, raffle, guessing game, game of chance, contest or side-show shall be conducted by the Exhibitor in its allocated space without the prior consent of the Organiser.

Substances of a dangerous, explosive or objectionable nature must not be brought on to the premises. The sale, distribution or use of the following is forbidden: cap guns, chemical sprays, fireworks, sparklers, silly string or other similar spray projected items, water pistols or similar equipment.

Alcohol: Consumption of alcohol is restricted to the licensed bar area.

A fully equipped First Aid station within the venue will be manned by trained first aid officers for the duration of the event. All Exhibitors should make sure they and all their representatives are familiar with the location of the First Aid post and emergency exits.

The Exhibitor shall not remove any exhibit from his/her stand or make any structural alterations to his/her stand during the period of the show without permission of the Show Manager. All exhibits shall be placed in position, maintained and removed by the Exhibitor entirely at his/her own expense and risk. Trade stands will be included on the show plan.

Exhibitors must have all exhibited vehicles in position in the pavilion by 8:30pm Friday and their display completed by 10:00pm Friday. If this deadline is not likely to be met due to unforeseen circumstances, the Exhibitor is to contact the Show Manager before 8:30pm Friday.

Vehicles and displays are to remain in position until 5:30 pm Sunday. Partial breakdown of exhibits before 5:30pm Sunday is not permitted.

Covered footwear and high visibility clothing must be worn during Set-up and Move-out.

The show closes to the public 5:00 pm Sunday.

Security will not allow anyone to enter the building or leave the venue during Move-out with vehicles, goods or exhibits unless an Exhibitor or security pass is sighted. Exhibitors must remove all exhibits and other materials from the Exhibition venue by 10:00 pm Sunday unless an extension has been granted by the Organisers prior to the set up of the show. Exhibitors that fail to remove all materials their display in full by this time will incur additional fees and charges.


Some form of floor covering. The use of polystyrene bubbles is strictly forbidden. Any display using loose SOIL, GRAVEL or BARK etc., must have prior approval of the Organiser or it will not be allowed and will be removed at the Exhibitor’s expense.

A secure border to define the display space. Low-height borders are recommended. Public liability prohibits the use of 45º angled wheel stands.

A sign giving details of the vehicle should be displayed near the vehicle. Private ‘For Sale’ signs are not permitted.

Under no conditions can walls and floors be defaced by screws, stickers, paint, nails, fixtures and fittings. Any damage done to roads, grounds, installations or buildings by any Exhibitor or Exhibitor’s representative is the responsibility of the Exhibitor and they will be liable for all costs associated with repairing the damage.

Exhibitors must request and pay for a powered site if they require electricity for their display. The Exhibitor is responsible for the provision and installation of all lighting leads and lights used on the display. All electrical fittings will be inspected by a licensed electrician. All extension cords must have current certification tags attached or they will not be allowed. A licensed electrician will be available to certify cords at the Exhibition but this will incur additional fees to the Exhibitor.


Entrants shall not in any way do anything which would prejudice the Fire Insurance Risk on the buildings. The Committee and/or WAHRP accepts no responsibility for the insurance or otherwise of exhibits against loss or damage, and shall not be liable for loss by fire, theft, riot, accident or other causes, and the entrant hereby undertakes to keep WAHRP indemnified against all claims whatsoever and howsoever arising out of erection, display or dismantling of exhibits, also without affecting the generality of the above in respect to:

  • Any action which may be taken by Claremont Showground or other authority with regard to the removal, alterations or rejection of any stand, structure or exhibit, and no liability shall attach to the Committee or WAHRP in respect to any such action.
  • Any claims made by Claremont Showground or other authority to cover damage to its property by the entrant, his/her servants or agents or contractors.
  • Any claim made by any person for injury or loss arising out of or connected with any exhibits or the display, use, erection or dismantling of the same.

The Committee and/or WAHRP will not under any circumstances be responsible for any loss to the entrant/exhibitor caused by breakdown or defect of lights, power or any other service or failure in respect of any of the arrangements or for any cause whatsoever. Public Liability Insurance effected by WAHRP will cover the legal liability of any entrant. WAHRP shall not be liable or deemed to be liable for any loss, damage, theft or injury sustained by an entrant or any employees of an entrant. Entrants shall be responsible for the effection of Worker’s Compensation Insurance in respect of all persons engaged by them.

The decision of the Executive of WA Hot Rod Promotions Inc. in all matters whether contained in these rules or not, will be final.

For further enquiries, contact the Chairman.

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