Show MCs Announced – Part 1

Show MCs Announced – Part 1

Show MCs Announced – Part 1 1540 1167 65mustang

Your MC for the weekend is……

It’s Bridget Bell, you may know me as commentator at the drags, pit reporter from the race track, host of car meets and fashion parades, or even remember me as one third of the trio that hosted the Hot Rod Show back in 2015.

I am beyond excited to be joining my friend Richie Howlett in delivering this year’s hotly anticipated Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectacular returning to Claremont Showgrounds. I love all things horsepower, craftsman and unique. I don’t want to sound over-square but mostly I love the passion that is required to deliver a truly exceptional build, the quirks, points of difference or sheer power and performance gained through brilliant engineering.

That is my aim this year, to share the stories of the builds, highlight the indeterminate details which may not be immediately apparent. And if that doesn’t work then I am certain we’ll have a blast anyway!