Rock in & Roll out your Gear in Koolsville.

After two years of developing the atmosphere in the Webster Pavilion, it’s time to drive it further into the lifestyle & sub culture that is ‘kustom kulture’ and create a vending experience like no other. No more trestle / market spaces, but rather quality carpeted bays in three size options.

carpeted 3×2 $225 + GST plus two trader tickets
carpeted 3×4 $400 + GST plus two trader tickets
carpeted 3×6 $600 + GST plus two trader tickets

If your wares are inspired by pinup, rockabilly, cool cars, bikes and lowbrow art, then Koolsville is for you! We invite you to apply for a space in Koolsville, where an eclectic range of diverse like-minded vendors will be selected to create a buzzing experience to accompany our lowbrow artists, tattooists, hot rods and kustoms.