How your bike is judged

Show off your pride ‘n’ joy

All motorcycles presented for judging in the WA Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular are assessed by independent judges appointed by WA Hot Rod Promotions Inc.
In 2016, to better reflect the growth within this section of the show, the existing three motorcycle classification categories were expanded to six.

Reviewed by a team of experienced representatives from recognised sections of the WA motorcycle community, the six classifications are

  • Authentic
  • Competition
  • Street
  • Modified
  • Custom
  • Show

A detailed explanation of these classifications is listed below.
During 2018, an upgraded judging program was developed and is to be utilised at all future WA Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectaculars.

Motorcycle Classifications

  • Motorcycles in this class are as originally produced by the factory.  They are motorcycles designed for use on the street and are as close to original condition, restored or unrestored, as when they left the factory.  A sub-classification may be considered where entrant numbers are sufficient. Motorcycles produced by the factory for use on a race track and in original condition are entered in the Competition class.

  • Motorcycles in this class are used or have been used primarily as racing motorcycles.  Motorcycles in current competition, motorcycles retired from all competition and motorcycles yet to be entered in to competition will be considered.

  • Motorcycles in this class are primarily factory production bikes with cosmetic changes to the production version.  Modifications will only include additional bolt-ons and accessories, wheels and tyres, after-market options, dress-up additions, paint and panel detailing etc.  These motorcycles must be currently registered for street use.

  • Motorcycles in this class are primarily identified by their build style.  These motorcycles are significantly altered from their original production configuration with recognised changes to the frame, engine, suspension, wheels, tank, fenders and seats etc.  Bobbers, café racers and choppers are possible sub-classifications.  These motorcycles must be currently registered for street use.

  • Motorcycles in this class are primarily a unique construction.  Little if anything remains of the original motorcycle or group of motorcycles sourced for its completion.  They are labour intensive, technically exceptional projects demonstrating skilled craftsmanship and aesthetic refinement.  These motorcycles must be currently registered for street use but may be too physically extreme to be regularly ridden.

  • Motorcycles in this class are not registered for road use as they have been built primarily as an exhibition motorcycle.  They may be an historic replica, a custom built art bike or a design concept.  Unregistered motorcycles that would otherwise be included in Street, Modified or Custom classifications will also be included in this class.  Motorcycles in this class need not move under their own power.  A sub-classification of motorcycles in an unfinished condition may be considered.

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