West Coast Hot Rod Maven Showcase

West Coast Hot Rod Maven Showcase

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West Coast Hot Rod Maven 2022

It’s Bridget Bell and I am thrilled to announce that I will be your host at this year’s West Coast Hotrod Maven showcase at The WA Hot Rod and Street Machine Spectacular!

I am a self-confessed pageant addict. I can not tell you how many I have entered. My modelling career started as a pre-teen and I have dabbled in commercial modelling and promotion work throughout my entire adult life. The flexibility has been fantastic for supplementing my income, with the added perk of providing exclusive backstage experiences that I would never have dreamed of accessing otherwise. I mean, who gets to do cool stuff like this every weekend?

That is why I just love a good pageant; where the playing field is fair and the ladies get to celebrate their individuality in a wholesome setting.

For every pageant I have competed in, I have found a new network connection, a new friend and typically my next gig.

Like when I entered Miss Koolsville in 2019 I was just a light vehicle mechanic. Now look at me; stepping into these gorgeous kitten heels and introducing the lovely ladies of West Coast Hot Rod Maven 2022 to you.