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Orana House Women’s Refuge operates within the City of Bayswater and provides safe, supported, short-term accommodation, advocacy and holistic support for women and children escaping domestic or family violence.

Orana believes everyone has the right to live free from violence, so non-violent principles are used in all work practices, to assist clients to recognize their strengths, to promote empowerment, to promote diversity and to advocate for clients rights whilst maintaining respectful and understanding relationships in a safe environment.

Orana provides a range of support services including Case Management for both women and children this involves assessment of individual needs such as risks and safety planning, Information, referral, advocacy, counselling for both women and children and practical assistance in the form of emergency relief. We support with all appointments and court hearings and assist with securing and moving families to longer-term accommodation. Mother/child relationships are strengthened with attachment therapy and with parenting workshops that educate the management of children’s behaviour and other issues.

Orana provides aftercare in the form of our SWitCH Outreach Program (Supporting Women in the Community Holistically). We provide support to families who have exited the refuge and to women and children in the community who may or may not have accessed a refuge service but who are currently or have previously experienced family and domestic violence.

Orana House has developed and currently facilitates a number of Group Programs for women and children which are offered not just to the residents, the outreach clients but to the general community these include a DV Workshop, a Self Esteem Workshop and a Music Attachment program. In-house workshops just for residents include programs covering cooking, budgeting and parenting.
In addition to our direct service delivery, Orana House has a role in community education to influence a broader understanding of family and domestic violence. Including information talks at schools, community groups and other agencies to explain the complex and far reaching impact family and domestic violence has on women and children.

Please contact us on 9370 4544 or if you would like us to come and provide a presentation to you or your group.



Rock in & Roll out your Gear in Koolsville.

After two years of developing the atmosphere in the Webster Pavilion, it’s time to drive it further into the lifestyle & sub culture that is ‘kustom kulture’ and create a vending experience like no other. No more trestle / market spaces, but rather quality carpeted bays in three size options.

carpeted 3×2 $225 + GST plus two trader tickets
carpeted 3×4 $400 + GST plus two trader tickets
carpeted 3×6 $600 + GST plus two trader tickets

If your wares are inspired by pinup, rockabilly, cool cars, bikes and lowbrow art, then Koolsville is for you! We invite you to apply for a space in Koolsville, where an eclectic range of diverse like-minded vendors will be selected to create a buzzing experience to accompany our lowbrow artists, tattooists, hot rods and kustoms.

The Power and The Passion

The Power and The Passion 800 800 Tony Wong

If the phrase sounds familiar, it is. It’s been used many times, most notably as the title of Midnight Oil’s second single from their 1982 album 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1.

It’s also been the title of a documentary (Whitlam:The Power and The Passion 2013), a couple of movies (Charles II: The Power and The Passion 2004 and Fast Cars: The Power and The Passion 1997), even a 1978 romantic novel by Christina Nicholson.

But never has it been the theme for a hot rod show, that is until now. For the 2019 West Australian Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular, WAHRP has chosen the phrase to pay homage to the passion that drives hot rodders, machiners and motorcyclists in their quest to develop machines with power to satisfy their needs. That many chose to burn the midnight oil to achieve their desire also pays due respect to the origin of the song.

WAHRP has already made arrangements for a number of vehicles to illustrate the theme on the floor of the show in June. Entrants are also invited to interpret the theme in their individual displays and be in the running for the ‘Best Show Theme’ trophy presented Sunday afternoon.

Image: ‘Midnight Oil’

2019 Show

2019 Show 800 533 Tony Wong

After the blockbuster 2018 WA Hot Rod & Street Machine, we at WAHRP are going to have our work cut out to make the 2019 event even better.  Be rest assured, the team is already fully engaged in embedding new developments and expanding popular attractions.  How’s this for starters?

Heiwa Motorcycles returns to Perth bringing not one international award-winning custom motorcycle but two, one direct from the Peterson Museum in Los Angeles.  Heiwa’s Kengo Kimura is also bringing a third custom motorcycle, this one for a Perth motorcyclist who was blown away with Master Peace last year.

The 2019 t-shirt / poster cars will set a new level of excellence for hot rods and street machines.  Both are home-grown Perth cars, one a quintessential American, the other a true Aussie icon.

Koolsville will host the first custom art auction with works by international and Australian artists.  Already, we have a big presence from interstate artists entering their works.  Proceeds from the auction will be presented to Orana House, our selected 2019 organisation.  Orana House provides stable accommodation, advocacy and holistic support for women and children experiencing family and domestic violence.

And we’ve been fortunate enough to attract three renowned traders to vend at the show: one each from Perth, Sydney and Hiroshima, all making their first visit to the Spectacular.

Stay tuned, there’s much more where this came from.