Evolutionary processes at work

Since the soggy days of June and July of last year, there’s been a multitude of hours spent by a committee dedicated to the planning of a bigger and more exciting 2020 event.  And their hard work has been rewarded with today’s push of the button to open the entry pages, inviting the many hundreds of hot rodders, street machiners, bikers, fabricators and traders who have been anxiously waiting to be part of the 24th Spectacular.

We’re all excited with the new range of displays and arrangements in this year’s show, starting with the ever-popular Koolsville all the way through to the Higher Performance pavilion.  Start thinking 1st Avenue, Kickstart and Club Corral and you’ll get the idea that there’s much more to be explored in June.

During the weeks ahead, we’ll reveal the details of what promises to be the biggest evolution of the Spectacular since its return to Claremont in 2013.  It’s going to be the weekend that everyone will want to be part of.

Les A. Smith

WAHRP Promoter


Koolsville’s Kool

In just two short years since the Webster pavilion was transformed into ‘Koolsville’, the kustom kulture profile of the Spectacular has been enhanced in ways that have left the local kustom community clamouring for more.  WAHRP’s Koolsville Co-ordinator Samantha Treloar has heard their call and in response, has introduced a program of attractions and events […]

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‘Speedbox’ Motorex Grand Master

In the rarified atmosphere of the nation’s top show cars, there are few that achieve nationwide exposure in real time.  Keith Zee’s 1938 Fordson van has not only taken the east coast show scene by storm but is now headed to the west coast to wow the locals at this year’s Spectacular.  And to confirm […]

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LEGO Masters Finalists live

Following the massive public response to the national TV show ‘LEGO Masters’, WAHRP has worked in conjunction with the Rotary Club of Ascot (Inc) to present the popular West Australian finalists David Rodman and Gerhard ‘G’ to their many fans and admirers. David and G will appear daily to chat with patrons, sign autographs and […]

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Stand out at the show

As entrant preparations for the WA Hot Rod & Street Machine Spectacular proceed at a hectic pace, it’s great to know that they have the support of many of the traders exhibiting at the show. One such company, Flexico, is offering an amazing 37.5% discount deal to entrants considering how to present their display in […]

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